Structural Alpha—The value we create in our clients’ lives from our advice on better ways to structure, organize, and plan for their family needs and goals. It is a systematic, methodical approach that enables you and your team to be indispensable in the eyes of your clients.

Sal Tiano wrote Structural Alpha: Building and Maintaining An Elite Wealth Management Practice because he believes that financial advisors can and should be more to their clients. Tiano has a true insider’s perspective on what advisors today think and how they treat their clients. For him, a client’s assets are treated no differently than if they were family.

Sal’s book provides a narrative of his own career that serves to provide a host of hard-won lessons. It tracks the evolution of the modern advisor over the course of the past thirty years. Structural Alpha shows us what financial advisors are meant to be, what they are, and how to bridge that delta.

Tiano explains that this “is not a theoretical book written by a consultant. It’s a practical book written by someone who was once a newcomer starting with nothing and who has grown a successful decades-long wealth management practice—and is still in the trenches, growing his business today.”

In Structural Alpha, you will learn not only the skills that are necessary to become the advisor your clients and industry deserve, you will learn how to grow a business the right way. Tiano outlines how to prospect for clients, hire the right people, compensate your team, track metrics, manage clients’ expectations, get referrals the right way, and prepare for the future of the industry among a myriad of other topics.

In keeping with his strong tradition of charitable giving, all the profits from this book will be used to support highly-rated charities that help underprivileged children in the country. Pick up your copy today!

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I have met thousands of advisors in my career, and I don’t say this lightly—Sal Tiano is the best financial advisor I have ever known. Period. And this book is Sal doing what he does best—mentoring, coaching, challenging. It’s a book that seeks to bring out the best in the advisors who read it, and to provide a platform to help them grow a business by putting their clients first.
Rick Penafiel
Regional Director, J.P. Morgan Securities
I’ve been a close friend and business partner of Sal Tiano for almost twenty years. During this period, I’ve come to understand and appreciate how a core set of principles centered around an extraordinarily high degree of professionalism and perfection drives his business. We’ve employed the same set of guidelines that Sal has used to become a top wealth manager in our hockey business. Structural Alpha is a homerun—a must-read, not only for wealth managers but for any business owner.
David Nectow
Co-owner and CEO, Pure Hockey