With a love of entrepreneurship, Sal has started several entrepreneurial projects and companies. Two of his most successful pursuits are Pure Hockey and Smartfoods Vending.

Pure Hockey Logo

Pure Hockey

Sal started playing hockey as a child and was recruited to play for Dartmouth College. His love for the sport led to the establishment of Pure Hockey, a retail outlet that focuses on just hockey. Since all store managers are former hockey players, their passion and knowledge for top of the line equipment evolved into Pure Hockey’s mission. It began as a small shop in Worcester, Massachusetts, and is now the largest hockey retailer in the USA. Today, Pure Hockey is the parent company for 54 specialty hockey stores and two E-commerce businesses operating under the brands Pure Hockey and Hockey Giant.

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Smartfoods Vending

Smartfoods Vending

Smartfoods Vending is a family owned company that provides healthy food choices in vending machines. Smartfoods Vending brings healthy vending options to businesses and facilities in the South Florida area. Their goal is to offer healthier snack and drink options to busy consumers.

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